exclamation. From Middle English, God spede you
[May God Help You Prosper]


Based in coastal Maine, The Godspeed Institute was founded in 2010 as an independent organization dedicated to religious education and tolerance and the promotion of spiritual life skills.

The Godspeed Institute was established with the aim of promoting the spirit of understanding and peaceful coexistence among all human beings, and to help lessen threats to peace and progress through the benefit of education and the integration of spiritual principles in personal and world affairs.


Our Purpose

The purpose of the Godspeed Institute is to foster religious tolerance through education and communication, and to explore and provide spiritual tools and life skills.

This is accomplished through media and resources; educational and professional services; research; production of books and publications, and celebrating humanity's diverse heritage of religious and spiritual beliefs, principles and practices. The Godspeed Institute works:

- To communicate and educate about all the world's spiritual and religious paths;

- To provide a repository for the spiritual heritage of humanity;

- To promote the necessity of spiritual principles, ideas and practices in all affairs and relationships;

- To help people find peace, joy, connection and real prosperity through spiritual principles and practices;

- To help move us away from the goals of greed and toward the gifts of compassion;

- To create opportunities that encourage humanity toward balance of mind, body, spirit and heart.


Join Us

We hope you join us on the journey! Please contact us with questions and suggestions. We wish you--as always--Godspeed.