The Congregational Church with Dr. Arthur Rouner

Caer Hallundbaek interviews Dr. Arthur A. Rouner, Jr., who ministered in the Congregational Church for 40 years and then founded The Pilgrim Center for Reconciliation (PCR), a nondenominational, nonprofit organization in Minnesota committed to the work of healing and reconciliation in the aftermath of genocide, war, and debilitating conflict. Since 1996 PCR has had its primary focus in Africa, serving in Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, and Tanzania.


Topics in this hour include: the historic beginnings of the Congregational churches in 16th century England, in protest to the king appointing himself the head of the church; groups that evolved, including the Separatists and Puritans; the return to scripture, with authority resting within each congregation; persecution in England, and the Pilgrims’ journey to Holland and then to Massachusetts; the concept of holiness and a good life; how Congregationalists participated in the Underground Railroad, the women’s suffrage movement,  and the founding of Harvard, Yale and Dartmouth; the founding of the Pilgrim Center for Reconciliation; examples of PCR’s work and processes of helping people to forgive and to heal in Rwanda, following the experience of genocide; what healing requires; and more.



Listen to the show here:



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